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You want a book you can be proud of in every way. You don’t want to learn to be a copywriter, book designer, editor, proofreader… you get the picture. And unless you’re the kind of person who can really leverage the most out of a team of creative professionals, you don’t want to just hire the creatives and let them loose.

Ellen Reid has built a well-earned reputation for assisting authors in publishing books of outstanding quality by selecting the right professionals for each project and directing them so the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

She is dedicated to the proposition that in order to successfully compete in the highly lucrative book business, you need a book that has all the characteristics of those of the mainstream publishers.

That is her strength and that is what she offers those who come to her.

Ellen is proud that her mantra, “You must put your best book forward,” has resulted in countless award-winning books for her clients.

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"Putting Your
Best Book Forward!"

Ellen Reid's "Putting Your Best Book Forward" has already won several awards and is on its way to becoming a "must read" for anyone considering Indie publishing.

The 2013 National Indie
Excellence Awards!

Ellen Reid is a proud sponsor of the National Indie Excellence Book awards, as they truly honor those who "put their best book forward".

The NIEA are now open for 2013!

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