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There was a time when independently published books—books written by authors who created their own publishing companies—were not recognized by those in the know. They were confused with vanity press books. But indie pioneers like Ellen Reid worked hard to guide writers into becoming authors and indie publishers of respected books, even if they had just one book.

Today, independently published books can be found next to those of mainstream publishers in bookstores, on best seller lists, and in reviews by respected reviewers. Why? Because they stand up under industry scrutiny.

Ellen's mantra has been Excellence! Excellence!

From the start, Ellen's mantra has been Excellence! Excellence! Excellence! With brilliance, she has consistently guided her creative team in producing:

  • Topnotch covers that catch the eye
  • Motivating titles, sub titles and promotional text that grab the imagination, and
  • Well-crafted interiors that are comfortable and enjoyable to look upon

She also creates branding and a platform that can become the foundation upon which authors can confidently stand to present themselves and their books. And she helps writers maneuver the not-always-easy road to establishing themselves as publishers to be taken seriously.

With clients' books frequently receiving recognition in contests, Ellen went on to write her own award-winning, Putting Your Best Book Forward, that not only revealed her secrets but demonstrated them in its presentation.

For writers who want to become authors and publishers of award-quality books, Ellen Reid is the go-to book shepherd/book consultant because, simply stated,

 Ellen Reid IS

"The expert on Excellence for Independent Publishing Success!"

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"Ellen's uncompromising eye for quality plus her ability to expertly guide her authors through the complicated world of publishing makes for an effective combination no indie publisher can afford to miss. If you're a writer committed to producing the highest quality book than Ellen is your secret weapon."

-- Dana Brown Smith, author of
Girls Watch Too!
"Ellen Reid made my long term dream become a reality. For over 20 years I struggled and tried to find out how to publish an original manuscript. Ellen not only showed me how to do it but connected me with the most amazing people.... from book design, editing, copywriting, proof reading. printing. She also showed me how to start my own independent publishing company with the all important ISBN's, Library of Congress and Publisher's Cataloging-in-Publication information for libraries to find my book. She also introduced me to a great web designer and worked with him on my website. There is absolutely no way I could have done it without her. Not only did Ellen support me with all aspects of the production and publishing she was also an amazing coach and helped me in times of stress when I wasn't sure what I was doing. She worked with me on the practical, professional and emotional side of the production and publishing. I loved working with Ellen and she's become a wonderful and close friend that I will always treasure."

— Elizabeth Marks
Cape West Publishing

Award News!

We are thrilled to announce our client, Mack Borgen has won two awards!

Los Angeles Book Festival and the 2014 Foreword Book Awards Finalist!

thanks, ellen and congrats to you too

I'm really happy about this !!


Praise for Ellen Reid

"I may have written the book but, quite simply, I would not be an author without the expertise of Ellen Reid. If not for her guidance, there would be no book. She was present for every step from editing to design to printing to marketing strategies. And now I am starting to sell my book, thanks to Ellen. I would strongly recommend that if you want to transition from writer to author, call Ellen Reid!"

— James L. Hardeman, MD


"In my self-publishing journey, I cannot imagine having crossed the finish line in as fine a fashion without Ellen at the helm. Before working with Ellen, there was trepidation, and after having worked with her, there is now confidence and excitement, and she shares my excitement! She put together the most amazing team of professionals who are such kind and amazing people, the exact thing I envisioned when it came to producing the book. I have a finished product that is beautiful and matches my intent. I thank Ellen Reid for that"

— Janet D. Thomas, author of Lemons, Lemonade & Life
Janet D. Thomas |


"With Ellen's guidance and the dedication of the entire team, my very rough manuscript turned into a concept and a real book that is enjoyable to read. It is amazing where we're at today from where we started. We've accomplished something much greater than I could have expected."

— C.D. Rahm, author of I.T. Confidential

"Book shepherds such as Ellen Reid, who is both highly talented and experienced, can be critical in developing the context for the finalization of your book, for developing a platform, and for creating your personal brand. In addition, Ms. Reid will take the time to read your book in detail, and to understand the purpose and intend of your book and your writings. This early focus by experienced book shepherds like Ms. Reid and her associates can assure, and usually in my opinion improve upon, your title and subtitle, and can be invaluable in creating general marketing presentation and book summaries for later use in your book jackets, press releases, and other later marketing efforts."

— Mack Borgen,

"Ellen was a critical team captain in assisting me as an author to navigate through the process from the manuscript stage through to two successful published novels. She guided me through the process, introduced me to excellent, vetted resources (book design, photographers, editors, printers, literary PR firms, publishers and more). She provided expert guidance all the way.

"I am deeply grateful to her."

Charles Martin
Award winning author
Provocateur, Nadia's Obsession

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Finalist for the Foreword Book Awards!

I am over the moon about my clients winning awards!!

Congratulations to 4 of my wonderful author/publisher clients. I am very proud that they all are Finalists in the Foreword Book of the Year contest.

Sutton Place by Louise Gaylord
My Letters from Santa to You
The Relevance of Reason by Mack Borgen
IT Confidential by CD Rahm

Business Hall of Fame presented by
Beverly Hills
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6 Consecutive Years

Ellen Reid's Book Shepherding™ Book Publishing Consultants Best of 2014 BEVERLY HILLS

Business Hall of Fame - 6 Consecutive Years

January 22, 2014


The Expert on Excellence for Independent Publishing Success

I am a high-end resource for authors who recognize that you can’t craft a Bentley automobile—or produce and publish a high quality  book—by buying a how-to manual or by taking a weekend workshop.

 Though I was designated the Premier Book Consultant by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce four years running, I am much more than a consultant. For authors who want to build a solid business foundation by independently publishing their book, I assemble a team of top industry professionals—people with a track record of exceptional excellence in all areas, from book design and copywriting to printing, distribution, web design and creation, to social media.

 Then, like a Steven Spielberg or Leonard Bernstein, I direct them so not only do we get their very best work at a price that makes sense, but all the elements are coordinated so the end result is far more than the sum of the parts.

With the author’s involvement at every key decision point, we position and brand the book and also the author, so that everything is consistent and a powerful and profitable synergy results, whether we’re doing print or e-book format. I also recommend and discuss distribution. We go the additional step of preparing the author to market her or himself and their book by working with a graphic designer and web designer to create powerful marketing materials that further support their branding. We also recommend publicists and other support professionals to keep the momentum moving forward.

My guiding principle is DDIY-BBI: DON’T Do It Yourself — But Be Involved!

Authors are great at writing books. My team and I provide everything else required to produce a book of exceptional quality and work with the author to create a publishing company to support their vision and ultimate success.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss your specific needs.

Sage Advice

I still hear Ellen Reid’s sage advice whispering in my ear: “Keep it personal … reveal more of yourself in your writing … people buy books because of the author, not because of the publisher.”

Ellen shepherded the publication of “The Courtship of Two Doctors: A 1930s Love Story of Letters, Hope & Healing,” the book of my parents’ courtship letters that I edited and published. I thought I was done with the manuscript, but she had me write a new lead for the preface, calling forth my love and memories of my late parents. Readers tell me it draws them in immediately. “Especially well-written,” wrote one reviewer. She never let me lose focus that this book is about more than Alice and Joe and the relationship they built letter by letter; it is also about a daughter’s rediscovery of her parents as young people, before they were even a couple.

Ellen’s expert advice guided me through decisions on the book title, cover design, copyright page, print run, publication date, marketing campaign, website redesign, and more. She helped me connect to a new distributor and a literary publicist. She was always there for me, only a phone call away.

She kept the focus on quality. This book from an independent publisher, I am proud to say, holds its own on display shelves at major book chains, indie stores, and major libraries across the country.

Martha H. Fitzgerald

Dan Poynter, The Book Futurist 

Some writers plan to publish digitally only—to save money. This is a mistake.

If you publish an eBook, you are perceived as a writer.

If you publish a pBook (paper), you are regarded as an author.

Paper book are retained as review copies; PDFs disappear in a click.

Self-publishers should offer editions to fit any lifestyle: Paper, eBook, LARGE PRINT for the visually impaired, audiobook, etc.

Give the buying customer what he or she wants.

Reprinted from "Rick Frishman's Sunday Tips"
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Chris Collins, award winning book designer

Ellen Reid lives and breathes the book business. She can spot a winner like few others. Her intuition to get to the heart of a manuscripts key selling points is a great asset to any author in the publishing process.

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